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Welcome to Healthy 4 Life

At Healthy 4 Life, our mission is to inspire lifelong healthy eating habits. Every programme and plan we craft aims to empower you—fueling your body and uplifting your spirit. We're not interested in quick fixes that leave you starved of nutrients, lethargic and just miserable!Dive into our affordable programs and community-based group classes tailored just for you—where physical vitality meets mental tranquility.We are based in West Yorkshire, England. However, we have online coaching available for anybody around the globe!Whether you want to lose fat, develop strength or improve your general wellbeing, we can help you with:

  • Expert Nutritional Guidance and Analysis

  • Tailored 1:1 & Group Fitness Sessions

  • Specialised Pre and Postnatal Workouts

  • Soothing Relaxation Techniques

  • Customized Meal Plans for Your Unique Needs

Elevate your body confidence and embrace the healthier, happier you. Plus, get a taste of our magic with your first group session absolutely FREE.What are you waiting for?


Healthy 4 Life Programmes

Each individual's journey to wellness is unique. That's why we've created a diverse array of programme to align with your needs and aspirations. Pick the path that resonates most with you.

Body Confidence

Unleash your body confidence and become unrecognisable with our budget-friendly programme. Take control of your health and fitness, and learn to love your body.Your personalised programme may include:

  • 🏋️ Studio-Based Workouts: Dive into a variety of workout sessions, including Hip Hop cardio, kettlebells, TKO, pilates, and more. Engage in fun and effective exercises alongside those with similar fitness goals.

  • 🧠 Behaviour Change Therapy: Replace unhelpful habits with positive behaviours, helping you make lasting changes for a healthier life.

  • 🔥 Goal Progression Motivation: Stay motivated, driven and focused on your journey.

  • 🥦 Nutritional Advice: Benefit from personalised nutritional guidance, ensuring you're fueling your body with what it needs to thrive.

  • 🍱 Perfect Portions: With Perfect Portions meal prep, savour delicious meals that align with your health goals.

  • ⚖️ Private Weigh-Ins: An initial weigh-in is mandatory before proceeding with our programmes.

  • 📊 Health MOTs: We'll evaluate various health metrics, ensuring you're on the right path and making informed decisions about your wellbeing.

  • And more...

Restore n' Transform

A complete weekly package of

  • Body Confidence

  • Up to 3x Anything Goes Sessions: Studio-based workouts e.g. Kettlebells, Hip Hop Cardio, Pilates, etc.

Perfect Portions

A wide range of healthy and nutritious meals prepared and delivered to you in Bradford, Leeds, Halifax and across West Yorkshire.Our diet plans are far from restrictive; they're a celebration of flavours and nutrition, designed to provide the essential nutrients meet your fitness goals.Start your journey with individual meals priced from just £4.00 or explore our weekly plans.

1:1 Health-Fitness Coaching (Online)

Regardless of where you are around the globe, you have access to our 1:1 Health-Fitness Coaching as it's all based online!Tailored to fit your unique needs, our coaching sessions combine expert advice with the motivational push you might be seeking.

  • 🗓 1:1 weekly calls: Ensuring consistent guidance, motivation and accountability on a weekly basis to make sure you do what’s needed to get the health and body you want!

  • 🧠 Behaviour change therapy: It’s time to take back control over your life through exchanging unhealthy habits for ones that will turn you into the best version of you

  • 🍱 Personalised diet plans: Say goodbye to confusing fad diets and restrictive meal plans. It’s time to enjoy delicious, nourishing meals that fuel your body, boost your energy, and leave you feeling satisfied.

  • 🏃 Tailored workout plans: Exercise doesn't have to be a chore. Whether it's yoga, strength training, or cardio, together we’ll make sure that your routine fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.


About Healthy 4 Life

At Healthy 4 Life, we're passionate about fostering community wellness through accessible nutrition and exercise programs. Our speciality lies in curating personalised wellbeing experiences that holistically enhance both physical and mental health.Our motivation? A genuine desire to uplift those seeking a healthier lifestyle. With Healthy 4 Life, it's less about mere appearances and more about feeling energised and refreshed from the very depth of your soul.Our expert team views health and fitness as an intricate science, emphasising that our bodies reflect what we invest in them. The wondrous capabilities of the human body inspire us, and we're committed to guiding you in harnessing its full potential.We're not a fan of diet trends and needless restrictions. We champion a balanced diet rich in genuine nourishment. When coupled with the right exercise, this combination becomes the foundation of lasting wellness.


Meet Natalie Oxford

In 1998, I officially started studying within the fitness industry and headed to Leeds to undergo my training in sport and exercise science, which took 6 years to complete. Alongside this, I am also qualified to deliver a variety of studio-based classes ranging from Hip Hop Cardio through to Pilates.After studying, I ventured into the fitness world as an instructor, personal trainer and nutritional advisor and gained experience working in private gyms and for Bradford City Council at Richard Dunns. It was during this time that I was part of the team that created Club Active memberships that Bradford Council still use to this present day.It is from my personal past experience that I have gained an appreciation for how to realistically help individuals to maximise their health and wellbeing through the skills and knowledge that I have gained.After years of experience in the industry, I decided to build my own business and in 2014 Healthy 4 Life was born. Our main service that we provide is called Body Confidence, which is a wellbeing programme tailored to improving the health of individuals both physically and mentally.I became a freelance member of a health and wellness organisation called Healthy Lifestyle Solutions in 2018. Here I became their lead diabetic coach and was involved in delivering a pilot scheme called Bradford Diabetes Prevention Programme. This supported individuals who had been referred through their GP to change their habits and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes developing.Prior to this involvement with Healthy Lifestyle Solutions, I have been delivering my Body Confidence workshops at various locations throughout Bradford with many success stories being achieved by members.I have also recently launched a meal service which provides healthy, convenient cooked meals direct to your home. These meals are either prepared as a cooked takeaway options or pre-packed for you to quickly cook after work.Becoming a mother to 3 young children, I understand how difficult it is to stay healthy and it is my goal to help others and maximise their health and wellbeing. Come onboard and let's work together to start your journey today.See my qualifications below:

  • Sport and Exercise Science [Nutritionist & level 4 PT]

  • Level 3 Pre and Postnatal Exercise

  • Pilates

  • RSA Exercise to music

  • NVQ Level 2 Circuit

  • Fitball

  • Fitness Yoga

  • First Aider

  • Food handling/hygiene


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