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  • What is a Rec Check?
  • What do I wear?
  • Do I have to subscribe to a contract?
  • Where are the sessions held?
  • Can I bring my older child?
  • Do I need to diet?


What is a Rec Check?


Abdominal separation is common during pregnancy. What needs to be established is the level of separation each postnatal woman has endured so the correct procedure can be advised. It usually reduces 6 weeks after the baby is born, however there are some cases where the separation may stay for longer.


Here’s a quick vid to show how to complete one:



Alternatively here is our step by step guide:


  • Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat to floor. Make sure your lower back just brushes the floor underneath you - avoid pressing it too flat into the floor or over-arching it.
  • Take your index finger and third finger together and vertically place them just under the bra strap on your breast bone. Then turn them horizontally and pass them, quite firmly, down the centre of your front. Along the line from the breast bone down to the navel.
  • Now, inhale and exhale - just pulling in slightly the abdominal muscles at the same time lift your shoulders off the floor. Press your fingers down your vertical line, keeping the pressure gentle. Take the fingers down to the belly button quite quickly.
  • Notice if the gap between the stomach muscles is greater than your two fingers. If so, there is still some separation, which indicates some instability.
  • Repeat the above steps several times to be sure of result.
  • Do not worry if there is still separation some core exercises will help reduce the gap.


If you have more than a three-finger separation between your abs, seek advice from your health care professional before beginning a program.


What do I wear?


Don’t worry the latest trend is not a requirement but attire that is comfortable, supportive and protective is.


So here is our recommendation:


  • Loose, breathable bottoms
  • Correctly fitted supportive bra
  • A good pair of trainers with socks
  • A loose, breathable t-shirt or sports top
  • A sport vest top
  • Waterproof jacket in case of outdoor sessions and we get caught in the rain


Do I have to subscribe to a contract?


Our sessions are designed to be user friendly as we understand that many individuals do not like having to commit to lengthy terms, so we operate on a minimum term of 6 pre-booked and paid for classes/groups. This then can continue on the same minimum basis or cease.


Payments are made prior to your second session/group through a suitable payment method. Should you feel payment is not applicable please put your grievance[s] in writing to the management. Any refund required will be accessed in due course and you will be responded to in writing.


Where are the sessions held?


Sessions are held locally within the community and operate both indoors and outdoors. We do recommend bringing a waterproof coat just in case we are caught out by the rain during our outdoor sessions. In summer please also remember the relevant sunscreen for again our outdoor sessions.


See our timetable for current information.


Can I bring my older child? [postnatal sessions]


We do politely request that if your child is at the age where they want to run around and cannot be entertained fastened in a buggy to kindly find alternative childcare arrangements. As wonderful as it is to be surrounded by Toddlers and Pre-school children we have to consider the safety element and once babies become mobile the risk increases as I am sure you can appreciate.


We are looking at running sessions for older children so if this is something of use please let our team know and we will inform you of our progress.


Alternatively please view our timetable for details of sessions you can attend without any children as these are available also.


Do I need to diet?


In a word no.


Advice for Pre and Postnatal Ladies


During pregnancy reducing your size is without doubt not recommended as you need to increase although not greatly your energy requirement. Once your little one makes their appearance sensible size reduction should be your goal.


I remember being told a story about an Irish Catholic lady who upon witnessing the rate a new mum had lost her baby weight became angry and informed the new mum that you cannot be looking after your baby correctly if you have managed to lose so much weight in such a small period of time.


Not convinced on the words spoken but in essence she was correct size reduction should be a gradual achievement as rather than neglecting your baby the body needs time to adjust. This adjustment can take anywhere up to 12 months to achieve and you will continue to need a certain energy requirement if breastfeeding.


General Advice


As fitness professionals what we do promote is healthy eating and achieving a balanced diet to truly nourish your body’s needs. We assist you on this by providing nutritional consultations and eating plans/trackers. This format has been proven to succeed and is recognised by the World Health Organisation [WHO]. So absolutely no faddy diets or restrictions with us.



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