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Pregnancy may seem like a good opportunity to stop exercising and put your feet up, but staying active during pregnancy will boost not only your own health, but also that of your unborn baby.


Here are some of the key benefits of exercising during pregnancy:


  • Better sleep - When you're carrying extra weight in front of you, finding a comfortable sleeping position can be a real challenge. But exercise will help you work off any excess energy and tire you enough to lull you into a more restful sleep.


  • Preeclampsia - Lowers the risk for the No. 1 cause of premature birth - a complication that involves high blood pressure and excess protein in the urine.


  • Prevent gaining too much weight - Regular exercise can help you to stay a healthy weight, or limit how much weight you gain. It is important for the health of you and your baby to stay within the healthy weight-gain range.


  • Reduces discomforts - Back pain is very common, due to pregnancy hormones relaxing your joints, ligaments and muscles and the weight you naturally gain in pregnancy can add to the problem. You may want to push your bump forwards to feel more comfortable and balanced when walking or standing, but this puts greater strain on your back. Gentle exercise, such as low impact aerobics and stretching, may relieve your stiffness and pain. But don't force yourself to exercise if you feel pain, as you could strain your ligaments further. Pilates, tai chi or relaxation classes may be helpful. Another common discomfort is constipation as pregnant women’s intestinal tracts often struggle to function correctly due to high progesterone levels and a growing uterus, but exercise, along with a high-fibre diet, keeps your digestive system in fine tune.


  • Lower your gestational diabetes risk by as much as 27 percent. High blood sugar during pregnancy puts you at extremely high risk for developing type II diabetes and raises the odds of preterm delivery or having an overweight baby. Also if you do develop gestational diabetes as many fit women do because genetics and age play a significant role, exercise may help prevent or delay your need for insulin or other medications.


  • Prepares your body for childbirth - no guarantees of course but It makes perfect sense, the better shape you're in, the stronger you'll be come in labour and delivery time. Giving birth is akin to running a marathon, which requires stamina, determination, strength and focus by having strong abs and a fit cardiovascular system you can have more strength and stamina for the pushing stage. Exercise has also been said to shorten Labour which naturally is a bonus.


  • Intervention during delivery - You’re more likely to avoid a forceps delivery, C-section or episiotomy as regular exercise prepares the body for labour and birth.


  • A healthier heart for baby- It has been know for the developing babies of prenatal exercisers to have more efficient hearts than those of non-exercisers, and this higher cardio fitness level seems to last into the childhood years.


We therefore offer Preg-na-cise sessions to help you and baby benefit from all the above


These classes involve:


  • Low impact aerobics to strengthen your heart/lungs, increase stamina, and reduce strain on joints.
  • Weight training which increases muscle tone and strength.
  • Prenatal Pilates and Tai Chi to strengthen entire body, especially core muscles and helps you to relax.


Is this programme for me?


The classes are not designed to be intensive we believe in gentle exercise that is fun and benefits both baby and you. All sessions are low impact to ensure we keep the content safe as well as effective and as specialists in this area we are fully trained, qualified and experienced to know what exercises mum’s to be should and should not perform. After all we are here to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle with confidence, reassurance and friendly support in ways that have been proven to work.


All our sessions are held at various times and locations and we provide any equipment that is required and beverages.



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