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Postnatal Exercise


According to recent studies 93% of mum’s return to work having achieved their target weight, regained their figure and feeling more confident than ever before after attending postnatal exercise classes!


So why not join other new mums and achieve your personal goal?

Buggycise is a fitness program for mums and their babies that is coordinated around the use of a buggy to keep your child safe whilst you exercise. Your little one also gets to join in with parts of the session, which can benefit with bonding between baby and you.

The session is designed to gently assist new mums to focus on regaining their physique that pregnancy has altered. Here we look at many elements of health and fitness from increasing your core strength stability paying particular attention to your pelvic floor muscles through to assisting with any weight gain that may have resulted during your pregnancy. We also incorporate a relaxation routine into the class, which helps you to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and tranquil and could help relieve postnatal depression.


The all clear from your midwife at approximately 6 weeks is a must prior to starting the sessions.


These classes involve:


  • Low impact aerobics to strengthen your heart/lungs, increase stamina, and reduce strain on joints.
  • Weight training which increases muscle tone and strength.
  • Prenatal Pilates and Tai Chi to strengthen entire body, especially core muscles and helps you to relax.


Is this programme for me?


The classes are not designed to be intensive we believe in gentle exercise that is fun and benefits both baby and you. All sessions are low impact to ensure we keep the content safe as well as effective and as specialists in this area we are fully trained, qualified and experienced to know what exercises new mum’s should and should not perform. After all we are here to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle with confidence, reassurance and friendly support in ways that have been proven to work.


All our sessions are held at various times and locations and we provide any equipment that is required and beverages.



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